Welcome to Deco! is a volunteer supported concept. There is no "company" behind this project, it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteers by users themselves.

Currently you are at the top of the portal framework. Here you can get some albeit a very small glimpse into the creative efforts initiated by various volunteer teams.

At the DecoProject level, one of our most important activities is as a standards body, maintaining a creative environment for the good of the community. We hope that helps to create a nexus of trust around which artists, developers, engineers, teachers, and users can organize project development.

The project space is free to anyone who would like to use it. Day to day support is provided free by volunteers.


GlobeSo where are the projects?
Well each project has it's own working area. The majority of projects get started by word of mouth. Many opt to not show anything publicly until they are finished, or have reached some type of milestone. Others will actually publish news, status, and progress right here.

Start a project?

BlueprintSo you've taken a look around, or you're alread involved in a project, and would like to start a new one of your own. How do you do it? Find out what it takes to get your own project space.